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Need to file court papers? No matter what the reason, ADI can help. Our Florida court filing services are low cost, prompt and professional. We review, prepare and file documents and promptly return your confirmed copies. Whether you are filing a divorce in Florida, filing bankruptcy court papers or civil lawsuit case, we have the staff and expertise to get the job done.  Court Filings in Florida made simple, fast and affordable.

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Subpoenas for Medical Records in Miami-Dade County

If you are involved in a lawsuit involving injury, you may need to get the medical records of the other party. In many cases, you will have to get these records subpoenaed, which is a legal order from the courts requiring a party to bring forth evidence. ADI Florida Process deals regularly in subpoenas for […]...

Serving Subpoenas in Florida

If you’ve entered a legal proceeding for any reason in Florida, one tricky step can be filing subpoenas for records to people who possess important documents or other vital information that is absolutely needed to defeat the opposition in your court case. When it comes to proceedings like this, many people can suddenl...