Court Filings

Court Filing Services in Florida

Need to file court papers? No matter what the reason, ADI can help. Our Florida court filing services are low cost, prompt and professional. We review, prepare and file documents and promptly return your confirmed copies. Whether you are filing a divorce in Florida, filing bankruptcy court papers or civil lawsuit case, we have the staff and expertise to get the job done.  Court Filings in Florida made simple, fast and affordable.

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ADI Florida Process Legal Support Services

Small Claims in Tampa

When you have an issue in Tampa that has caused you a loss of five thousand dollars or less, you will have to file a dispute in the small claims court. At ADI Florida Process, we can help this become a much easier task for you to take on. When a claim is filed in Tampa, […]...

Family Law in Orlando

Are you in need of Orlando family law specialists? You may be at the point in your marriage where divorce is on the table. It is important to protect you and your family by seeking professionals with experience in family law in Orlando. One of the trickiest areas in Orlando family law is child custody. […]...