Court Filings in Florida

Are you in need of filing court documents in Florida? Little, if any, help is available at the court and if you make the smallest mistake, the documents will be rejected. Before even filing documents, it can take hours of research to even determine with which court the documents or requests must be filed.

Circuit courts have jurisdiction over many cases, both civil and criminal. Although they handle suits of more than $15,000, lesser-valued suits go to a county court. Circuit courts handle much of family law, but County courts handle some juvenile actions. County courts handle suits of less than $15,000, but share jurisdiction with several homeowner or landlord-tenant disputes. County courts may handle simple divorces, but circuit courts handle others. The court system in Miami-Dade county also operates completely differently than the courts in the rest of the state.

All this information can be mind boggling. To put your mind at rest, you can hire a professional, licensed court filing service such as ADI Florida Process. ADI can file your court papers in the proper court and in a timely manner without emptying your pockets in fees. ADI operates in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Miami-Dade, Broward County, and all other counties in the state of Florida. Our staff is fully trained and ready to help with filing any court papers whether they are for divorce, a civil lawsuit, bankruptcy, or any other personal matter.

ADI Florida Process also provides Information & Document Retrieval Services.

Call us Now 813-263-5787 and speak with one of our professionals.

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