Filing an Eviction in Florida

Filing an eviction in Florida is a rather simple process. This article will outline some of the basic steps in filing an eviction for a current resident of a property.

First, a tenant must be given a three day notice. Legally, this must happen or the eviction is void. The notice may be given by mail or it may be hand delivered prior to filing the Eviction.

After this, certain filing of court documents and fees must be completed. A complaint form must be submitted to the clerk of a courthouse. Copies of all documents involved in filing the eviction should be made by the person filing the eviction.

Then, a person filing an Eviction should either personally file the complaint with the clerk or can do this through mail.

After someone has been given an Eviction, he or she has 5 business days to reply to the Complaint. After this, the original filer must submit additional paperwork to the clerk. The original filer must submit a Motion for Default and a Final Judgment to the clerk. Then, copies of these documents must be sent to the tenant being evicted. You may do this through a professional Florida process serving company.

After a final judgment, if the tenant does not leave you will need to obtain a Writ of Possession from the clerk. Although this will cost an additional fee, it can be worth pursuing one instead of trying to haggle with a tenant.

Overall, eviction can be a lengthy process. However, to secure your rights as a property owner it can be a highly critical legal process to complete. For assistance in Florida Process Serving or Court Document Filing in Florida contact ADI Florida Process today by Calling Now 813-263-5787.

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