Information Retrieval

Florida Information Retrieval Services

If you need court research retrieval services in Florida, or outside the state, look no further. You may need to retrieve court documents from civil or county courts in Florida and our professional staff can help. ADI provides low cost professional information retrieval services in Florida.

Some examples of our Information Retrieval Services include:

  • Asset checks
  • Deed lookups
  • Certified copies of motions
  • Historical lookups
  • Survalence Services
  • Mortgage’s

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ADI Florida Process Legal Support Services

How to Serve Divorce Papers in Florida?

Serving divorce papers in Florida is generally an easy process. When you file your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage–your divorce petition– with the court, the court clerk will issue a summons. You must take a copy of the summons and the divorce petition to the local sheriff’s office or to a special pro...

How to Serve Child Support Papers

Often the most acrimonious part of the dissolution of any relationship or marriage involving minor children has to do with resolving child custody and child support issues. As in most states, when separating parents are unable to reach a decision about child custody between themselves, the Florida court makes that decision ...