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ADI Florida Process Service is committed to providing quick response and low cost process serving in Florida. We understand the demands that law firms, attorneys and individuals have when in need of serving papers. Our professional staff works hard to ensure that ADI not only meets these demands but also provides excellent service and support. If you are looking for low cost quality Florida process servers, then ADI Florida Process Service is just what you need.

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We provide Process Service in Florida with the highest quality guaranteed service in the following areas:

ADI Florida Process Legal Support Services

Subpoenas for Medical Records in Miami-Dade County

If you are involved in a lawsuit involving injury, you may need to get the medical records of the other party. In many cases, you will have to get these records subpoenaed, which is a legal order from the courts requiring a party to bring forth evidence. ADI Florida Process deals regularly in subpoenas for […]...

Serve Divorce Papers in Miami

If you file for divorce in Miami, you will need to serve divorce papers to your spouse. Florida state law requires that you serve divorce papers to your spouse through personal service, which means, a third party with no attachment to the divorce case must personally hand the divorce documents to your spouse. Personal servi...