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ADI Florida Process Service is committed to providing quick response and low cost process serving in Florida. We understand the demands that law firms, attorneys and individuals have when in need of serving papers. Our professional staff works hard to ensure that ADI not only meets these demands but also provides excellent service and support. If you are looking for low cost quality Florida process servers, then ADI Florida Process Service is just what you need.

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How Can I Serve Court Papers?

Once a Plaintiff in a civil action has filed a petition to commence an action against a Defendant, it is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to inform the Defendant that a lawsuit has been filed against him or her. This is called the Service of Process, which is the legal notification to the Defendant that a lawsuit [&hell...

Debt Collecting Lawsuits

Florida ranks second in the nation for bad debt. Increasingly, collection agencies are looking to litigation to collect bad debt through garnishments or liens. In Florida, court documents can only be served by licensed process servers. Florida law places a high standard on the service process. There are intricacies that dic...