Debt Collecting Lawsuits

Florida ranks second in the nation for bad debt. Increasingly, collection agencies are looking to litigation to collect bad debt through garnishments or liens. In Florida, court documents can only be served by licensed process servers.

Florida law places a high standard on the service process. There are intricacies that dictate how and when court documents can be served. If you are an out-of-state collection agency seeking to serve court papers in Florida, then you need a reputable process service to protect the validity of your lawsuit.

In the state of Florida, court documents must be served within 120 days of the filing. If this deadline is missed, your case is subject to dismissal. If the litigant in your lawsuit is difficult to find, or evasive, you will need an agency with Florida process servers who are skilled working within the fast-paced city to comply with Florida law regarding the serving of court documents.

Due process of law is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, but all too often defendants use the system to try to evade their obligations. Orlando process servers at ADI will attempt to serve your court papers three times within 5 business days. If the defendant is evasive, ADI process servers know how to follow the letter of the law so that your debt collection lawsuit is not dismissed.

The Florida process servers at ADI are fully licensed and have passed a criminal background check. They know how to serve court papers in Florida efficiently and the process servers at ADI will diligently work to make sure that your lawsuit is properly served. Call Now – 813-263-5787

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