Do I Need A Process Server?

There are several situations when you might have reason to ask, “Do I need a process server?” Before you can answer that question, you should understand when this activity, also called service of process, is required.

Every time someone files a lawsuit in Florida, each individual or company involved must be served with legal documents. These papers inform them that the case has been filed and what action they are expected to take in response to it. Whether you are filing for child support or custody, evicting a non-paying tenant, suing a former employer for back pay or any other type of lawsuit, legal documents must be served on everyone involved in your lawsuit.

Florida law states that these legal documents must be served by someone who is not a party to the lawsuit. If this does not happen exactly as the law requires, and in the proper time frame, a judge will dismiss the suit with no verdict. When this happens in your lawsuit, you will be forced to start over from the beginning, costing you both time and money.

Because it is so important that service of process is done correctly, you should always hire an experienced and licensed professional, like those at ADI, to do it for you. The process servers at ADI have the training and expertise to find people who do not want to be found and to get the job done if a difficult situation arises. Once this is completed, the process server will provide proof of service that will be accepted by the court in the case of someone claiming that they were never served.

If your answer to the question, “Do I need a process server?” is “Yes,” contact ADI Florida Process immediately. Your needs will be handled by experienced, licensed professionals in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call ADI Florida Process Servers today at 1-813-263-5787

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