Evictions in Miami-Dade County

ADI Florida Process offers legal support services, including process serving, and evictions in Miami-Dade County, and Florida. We are a complete legal support services company dedicated to serving the needs of our customers in Miami-Dade, Coral Gables, and South Beach. ADI is the state’s premier legal support services provider of evictions in Coral Gables, Miami, and the surrounding areas. Our process servers are available immediately to serve evictions in South Beach, Miami, and Coral Gables. Because of Florida statutes, evictions in Miami-Dade County are a complex process, lasting between 60 to 90 days, or longer. Serving evictions in Miami requires a number of procedures which must be completed according to the exact steps described in Florida statute, chapter eighty-three. If the evictions process is completed improperly, the tenant will be legally allowed to stay on your property. ADI’s process servers are experienced and trained in serving eviction papers according to Florida statute, chapter eighty-three. If you are a property owner in Miami- Dade County, or the surrounding region, allow ADI Florida Process to manage your legal support, and process serving needs. Our staff will conduct the evictions process from start to finish including: posting the initial notice, serving eviction papers, and filing legal documents. ADI is available immediately to serve evictions in Coral Gables and the surrounding area. Our rates for evictions in South Beach, Miami, and Coral Gables are the most affordable in the region. We are dedicated, diligent, and efficient. ADI Florida Process is the state’s leading evictions specialist.

Call us now at 1-813-263-5787 for evictions in Miami and Southeastern Florida.

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