Evictions in Seminole County

Those dealing with evictions in Seminole County should know that there are very important rules and regulations to follow when serving eviction papers. Failure to do so may result in an eviction proceeding being declared invalid by the courts, in which case you would have to re-initiate proceedings . This not only costs precious time, but money as well and permits the delinquent tenant to stay longer.

Here at ADI, our team of process servers has been serving eviction papers successfully for many years now. They are trained and competent professionals who understand the complexities and nuances of the regulations that govern eviction and process serving in Florida.

According to Florida statute Chapter 83, evictions may take up to three months, depending on the specific circumstances. During this time period, there are detailed steps and procedures to follow in order to complete an eviction successfully. If there are procedural mistakes or oversights, then they will take even longer.

Whether they are evictions in Altamonte Springs, evictions in Longwood or evictions in Sanford, our process servers will be there every step of the way to guarantee that the legal requirements of process serving have been satisfied. Through their proper and professional manner of process serving, they have helped landlords carry out evictions in Seminole County successfully and professionally.

In addition, our office and support staff provide around the clock service and support for your case. Where other services may cease working with you at some point after serving the papers, ADI stays with you until the entire process has been completed. We know that you may have questions or concerns throughout the eviction and we are ready to attend to you.

For evictions in Sanford, evictions in Altamonte Springs or evictions in Longwood, contact ADI at 1-813-263-5787 to get competent and professional service. Let us worry about these details while you attend to your case.

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