How Can I Serve Court Papers?

Once a Plaintiff in a civil action has filed a petition to commence an action against a Defendant, it is the Plaintiff’s responsibility to inform the Defendant that a lawsuit has been filed against him or her. This is called the Service of Process, which is the legal notification to the Defendant that a lawsuit has been commenced against he or she. Under the Florida Certified Process Server Act (2009), Section 48.021, all process shall be served by the Sheriff of the county in which the Defendant is found. Initial nonenforceable civil process, criminal subpoenas and criminal summonses may be served by a process server, which is appointed by the Sheriff, or by a Certified Process Server as defined by the law, and civil witnesses subpoenas may be served by any person as authorized by the Rules of Civil Procedure.

ADI Florida Process Servers understands the complexity of the law and the importance of proper service. Improper service can be grounds for the Court to dismiss the Plaintiff’s lawsuit or case. For that matter, our professional’s due deligence assures our clients that their legal notices are properly served upon the adverse party. And our procedures are as follows and in accordance with the Florida Certified Process Server Act.

Who Can ADI Florida Process Servers Serve?

1. Once we have obtained all the required documents that include the complaint, petition, or other initial pleadings, we shall deliver copies to the Defendant by leaving copies at his or her’s usual place of abode with any person 15 years of age or older and informing such person of their contents. ADI also has a court filing service to assist you with filing your original court documents, contact us for more information.

2. If the process is to be served upon a minor who has never been married, we shall serve the parent, guardian, or guardian ad litem as prescribed by the law.

3. Service on incompentent individuals shall be served by providing two copies of the process to the individual who has custody or has the duty of care, or the legal guardian, or guardian ad litem when appointed by the court.

4. If the Defendant is a state prisoner, copies of service shall be served upon them.

5. We will serve Partnerships, Domestic Limited Partnerships, and Foregin Limited Partnerships. This includes one of the parties, which is the same as servining the partnership.

6. Agents of nonresidents doing business within the State of Florida, Corporations or their registered agent and registered office, and dissolved corporations.

7. Public agencies and officers, and the State.

8. Alien Property Custodian.

9. Labor Unions

10. Statutory Agents for Certain Persons.

11. Nonresident Motor Vehicle Owners.

12. We can also serve process on those who are a party to a possession of premises action.

Please be advised that this list is not an all inclusive list of the parties in which we can serve. ADI Florida Process Servers can serve process on any party in which the law authorizes. We offer a quick response service at a low cost rate. Our Staff is comprised of professionals who understand the law and the demands of our clients.

Contact ADI Florida Process today at 813-263-5787

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