How Do You Serve Divorce Papers Out of State?

Going through a divorce can be a long, arduous, and often stressful experience.  Aside from the emotional turmoil of ending a relationship, the process, the filing of the divorce papers, the hiring of attorneys, and more can often be an incredibly confusing and worrisome venture.

If you’ve decided to divorce, the first thing you need to do to get the legal process underway is file your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (aka your divorce petition) with the court in your county of residence. inflatable slides for sale After this, the court clerk will issue a summons that YOU are responsible for serving to your spouse.  You can have your spouse’s local sheriff’s office or an independent process server like ADI Florida Process to serve to your spouse.

So, which do you choose?

Well, you probably know our answer, but there are some serious advantages to utilizing ADI as opposed to using the local sheriff’s office to serve a summons.

First of all, by paying for the services of ADI, serving your summons becomes a number one priority.  With the sheriff’s office, your summons is just one in a huge sea of many.  They, of course, will attempt to serve it to your spouse, but with tons of other duties, the sheriff’s office search will often be mediocre at best.

ADI Florida Process boasts a team of expert process servers incredibly well versed in serving legal documents like a Petition of Dissolution of Marriage both in and out of the state of Florida.  ADI Florida Process Service is committed to providing quick response and low cost process serving in Florida.

To learn more about process serving with ADI Florida Process, call any time at (813) 263-5787.

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How to Serve Divorce Papers in Florida?

Serving divorce papers in Florida is generally an easy process. When you file your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage–your divorce petition– with the court, the court clerk will issue a summons. You must take a copy of the summons and the divorce petition to the local sheriff’s office or to a special pro...

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