How to Serve a Summons in Florida?

A summons in Florida is a demand for a person to appear in court due to a legal proceeding. It is a writ designed to bring people into court involuntarily whenever it may be necessary. If you are the plaintiff in the legal proceeding, it is up to you to make sure the defendants or witnesses receive the summons. However, you can’t serve a summons yourself. Strict laws define what is called the service of process. In Florida, a summons must either be served by the sheriff’s department in the county of the person named in the summons, or by a licensed independent process server.

County sheriff’s departments are busy places. They receive many, hundreds or thousands in some counties, summons that need to be served every day. The sheriff’s department is somewhat apathetic in this service they are required to process. They would much rather be out protecting the welfare of the county. Using the sheriff’s department to issue a summons can take a long time. You give them an address and if the named is not home, they move on. You continue to pay for each delivery attempt.

With an expert process server such as ADI Florida Process you are guaranteed fast delivery and exceptional service. We will work with you on process serving rates and multiple addresses or sites for serving the named. Once the summons has been served both you and the court will be notified of completion. The faster the process service is complete, the faster you can get one more worry out of your system.

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