How to Serve Child Support Papers

Often the most acrimonious part of the dissolution of any relationship or marriage involving minor children has to do with resolving child custody and child support issues. As in most states, when separating parents are unable to reach a decision about child custody between themselves, the Florida court makes that decision based on the health, safety and welfare needs of the minor child or children involved.

The non-custodial parent is still responsible for providing a fair share of the child or children’s financial support, however.

In Florida, the amount of child support the custodial parent receives from the non-custodial parent is determined by both parents’ combined net income, the number of minor children for whom support is being provided, and the Florida Child Support Guidelines. For a single child, the amount specified by the Florida Child Support Guidelines is between 12% and 16% of the parents’ net income, rising incrementally as it applies to more children.

While many court documents can be mailed, only sheriffs and certified process servers can serve child support papers. These petitions must be delivered in person to the non-custodial parent.

Process servers have significant advantages over sheriffs when it comes to serving child support papers. Process servers are able and willing to devote far more time and energy to the process of serving court documents. If they are unable to reach the non-custodial parent at his or her home address, they will serve the petitions at a place of employment or even at a recreational event that they know the non-custodial parent attends on a regular basis. The cost of engaging a process server to serve child support papers begins under $100. For the ease of mind that comes with knowing your important court documents are reaching the parties they were intended for as quickly as possible, call ADI Florida Process today at 813-263-5787.

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