How to Serve Subpoenas for Medical Records in Hillsborough County

Subpoenas for medical records in Hillsborough County process serving is done how? ADI Florida Process Servers will serve your medical records subpoena for you. ADI professionals know exactly what to serve and how to subpoena medical records. When you serve a subpoena for medical records, it is called ‘duces tecum.’

Need to know how to subpoena medical records? You fill out a form which lists exactly what you are looking for from the medical office. Subpoenas for medical records in Hillsborough County are completed by using the dates of service and requesting the needed materials such a x-rays, blood work, etc..

How do you serve the subpoena for medical records? The Florida Process Servers at ADI will serve your subpoena for medical records. The server will either receive a telephone call to serve it or the office has a regularly scheduled pick up. The company serves your subpoenas by picking it up and then going to the address listed on the address portion of the subpoena; handing it over to the person who is 18 or older. No one under 18 years of age can sign and will not be served.

ADI is your one stop shop for process
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retrieval services. Servicing the state of Florida including
Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Miami-Dade County,
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Feel free to call anytime! Providing immediate service when you
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Subpoenas for medical records in Hillsborough County will be served fast and on time while providing you with confirmation that it was served. So do not hesitate, Call Now!

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