How to Serve Summons in Miami Florida

In civil court cases, a properly executed action to serve summons or to process serve can often make the difference between a case lost or a case won. To serve summons in Miami Florida is to deliver a legal documents issued by the clerk of court or a judge to the proper party. To process serve is to follow the correct procedure in giving legal notice to a litigant and to allow the opposing party to respond to a proceeding. The Florida Statutes and the Rules of Civil Procedure clearly indicate the steps that must be taken in regards to service of process.

Service of process is an intrinsic part of the legal system. Personal service of a summons and initial process must be completed within 120 days. If a party cannot be located, or is being evasive, constructive service can be employed. This will involve publication and additional filings such as affidavits with the court. The importance of service lies in the fact that claims can be dismissed if service is not performed. Failure to serve notices to litigants can also result in unfavorable action against the party at fault. All litigants shall be afforded to right to due process, and it is the responsibility of all parties to ensure that this is carried out.

Serving summons in Miami Florida can be very difficult. Because people can easily move around South Florida, litigants can often be difficult to locate and may require tracing. Court jurisdictions may overlap. Due to the time-sensitive nature of service of process, both litigants and attorneys need a supportive and reliable firm to turn to. ADI Florida Process Servers can effectively serve summons and notices in Miami Florida. ADI can carry out service of process with assurance, diligence, and integrity. Call ADI today at 813-263-5787

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