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ADI Florida Process provides the most comprehensive process service and legal support services in Jacksonville and Duval County. Our company offers a complete range of legal support services. ADI Florida Process is a highly regarded leader in the process service industry. We not only serve court papers in Jacksonville and Duval County, our company also provides additional legal support services. The professional staff at ADI Florida Process is available to file court documents perform courier services, informational retrieval, and conduct background checks on behalf of their clients. Our Jacksonville process servers are highly trained professionals and who perform their jobs the right way every time. We are reliable, fast, and efficient. Do you or someone you know need to serve court papers in Jacksonville or file court documents, in Duval County? Let ADI Florida Process handle all your process service, and legal support needs. Our Jacksonville process servers are available to serve court papers in Jacksonville and throughout Duval County. ADI’s rates for legal support services are among the most competitive in the area. If you need to file court documents or serve court papers in Jacksonville or the surrounding area then call ADI Florida Process now for an appointment. Our Jacksonville process servers are available to handle your legal support needs efficiently and at the most competitive prices.

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Garnishing Wages: Writ of Garnishment

Garnishing wages is a final recourse and frequently an effectual method a number of creditors use to get money from debtors. Garnishment is a process by which a creditor obtains a court order to deduct money from your wages or valuable possessions, possibly held by a third party, like your boss. Understand what you can [&he...

Family Law in Tampa

When you’re having to go about a case dealing with Tampa family law, it may seem to be a daunting task. This is why you need to have someone on your side that makes sure everything is done correctly. Here at ADI Florida Process, we’ve helped countless individuals over the years who were pursuing family […...

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