Miami Process Servers

During the course of their duties, Miami process servers are bound to face numerous difficulties while attempting to process service. Locating litigants, delivering court documents, tracing respondents and witnesses, writing affidavits, rushing to enter timely filings in court; these are but a few aspects of the process to serve court papers in Miami.

In order to effectively process service in Miami, the Florida Statutes and the Rules of Civil Procedure must be closely observed. The timely delivery of court documents is paramount in any civil proceeding. Failure to follow proper procedure could result in a claim dismissal when it comes to delivering a summons. In order to initiate suit, a claimant or plaintiff must first locate the respondent or defendant for service of process. South Florida is notorious for being a tricky jurisdiction in which to process service. Litigants tend to move around frequently, witnesses can be hard to find, and some respondents may even resort to evasive tactics in order to make things difficult for the plaintiff. Florida process servers who routinely serve court papers in Miami must learn to be diligent, resourceful, and expedient.

In Florida, a plaintiff has 120 days to deliver summons to the respondent. When a respondent cannot be located or is effectively being evasive, experienced Miami process servers will seek alternative service of process or begin constructive service filings in order to continue the suit. Recent case law has shown that appeal courts favor alternative methods of service when the plaintiff can show that the respondent is purposely being evasive. (Rio Properties, Inc. v. Rio Intern. Interlink, 284 F. 3d 1007).

Given the intrinsic nature of service of process in civil proceedings, it only makes sense to choose efficient and reliable process servers to handle service of process in Miami. ADI Florida Process Service provides excellent support and dependable service. Call ADI today – 813-263-5787

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