Serve Divorce Papers in Miami

If you file for divorce in Miami, you will need to serve divorce papers to your spouse. Florida state law requires that you serve divorce papers to your spouse through personal service, which means, a third party with no attachment to the divorce case must personally hand the divorce documents to your spouse. Personal service is mandatory when you know your spouse’s location in Miami. If your spouse is not personally served with divorce papers, the court will issue severe penalties which could jeopardize your divorce case.

Personal service of legal documents in Miami can be done through a certified process serving company, such as ADI Florida Process. The ADI acronym stands for Assurance, Diligence, and Integrity. ADI Florida Process serves legal documents such as summonses, complaints, writs, and subpoenas. Once ADI is hired to serve your legal documents to a defendant or respondent, they will make three diligent attempts within five to seven days to serve the other party. Once the other party is served, ADI will give you a proof of service document that you will take to the court where your case is filed.

ADI is also affiliated with many reputable private investigative firms, so they will be able to assist you in tracking down the party that you need to serve with papers. In addition, ADI Process offers their services at extremely competitive rates, so there is no reason not to try their service. Please keep in mind that although ADI serves legal paperwork, they are not attorneys and cannot provide any legal advice.

If you need to serve divorce in Miami Florida or anywhere else in the state of Florida, give ADI Florida Process a call at 813-263-5767.

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