Serve Summons in Orlando Florida

The responsibility to adhere to proper legal procedure begins long before anyone steps into a courtroom. To serve summons in Orange County is the first step a plaintiff must take to bring about a successful lawsuit. The service of summons is also the first instance in which the plaintiff can forfeit the lawsuit due to a process serve error. For this reason, any litigant in Orlando Florida need a professional process server who knows how to avoid costly mistakes.

Florida law requires that process servers be licensed. In addition to licensing requirements, process servers must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the serving of legal papers. Rules are in place that dictate when and how papers are to be served. As defendants become difficult to track down, additional safeguards are in place to ensure the due process of law. Our Orlando Process Servers are all licensed independent servers.

A recent lawsuit, Cohen v. Aponte, was recently dismissed because the serving of summons was not properly administered. The process server agency in this case filed the affidavit of compliance fifteen days late. The result was a lengthy court process, not to determine the lawsuit, but to determine whether the lawsuit should be dismissed. The higher court reversed a previous ruling, thereby dismissing the lawsuit.

The Orange County summons serving process is an important responsibility on which the outcome of the entire case could depend. In Orlando Florida, where the service of process is complicated by the hectic pace of the city and the stringent rules for process serving, it’s vital to put your trust in the experience of ADI Florida Process. Call ADI Now! 813-263-5787

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