Serving Child Custody Papers

Unfortunately, thousands of people are forced into custody battles with their ex spouse each and every year. It’s a fact of life; marriages can and do go south. Even sadder, many people choose the option to serve child custody papers to their ex themselves. In the process, they can endanger their case and sometimes even their own physical health. It is important to know exactly how to serve Child Support Papers.

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Finding a proper agency to process serve your ex spouse can be a daunting task. There is a level of trust; are you certain the agency will be serving your ex in a proper manner? Will s/he receive the proper court papers? Will their due process serve your case well? These are all important questions to ask the agency serving your court papers, and when you want to serve child custody papers, you need to know business will be taken care of.

ADI Florida Process will handle your paperwork. Call Now 813-263-5787.

ADI Florida Process is a group of professionals handling thousands of court orders each and every month. Their staff is knowledgeable about the law, and knows the importance of your case. Call today for an estimate and get piece of mind for yourself knowing that a courteous and professional staff will deliver your paperwork at an affordable price.

Why take chances in child custody cases? You, your dependents and your loved ones have so much at stake — why take chances on your case or their futures? Call ADI Florida Process today and get the piece of mind you deserve.

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Family Law in Florida

When pursuing a case regarding family law in Florida, you will want to have a team on your side that is here to help you from start to finish. At ADI Florida Process, we have helped countless of individuals get the assistance they need. With that being said, let us take a look at some of the things ADI Florida Process...

How to Serve Divorce Papers in Florida?

Serving divorce papers in Florida is generally an easy process. When you file your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage–your divorce petition– with the court, the court clerk will issue a summons. You must take a copy of the summons and the divorce petition to the local sheriff’s office or to a special pro...

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  1. […] Divorce – Divorce is Never Easy, But Progress Can Move Forward In the U.S. approximately 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce. The legal grounds to dissolve a marriage vary by state. Depending on the state, legal proceedings before finalization of divorce can take a year or more. In 2001, 73% of divorce filings in Florida were by self-representing litigants. Divorce may be the end of one chapter but expert service of process serves to move you into the next phase. […]