Serving Subpoenas in Florida

If you’ve entered a legal proceeding for any reason in Florida, one tricky step can be filing subpoenas for records to people who possess important documents or other vital information that is absolutely needed to defeat the opposition in your court case.

When it comes to proceedings like this, many people can suddenly become unwilling or impossible to reach.  This is where ADI Florida Process and our collective expertise can help.

When you enlist the services of ADI Florida Process, be it for simply filing court documents or successfully serving subpoenas in Florida, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the utmost professional, and more importantly, correct service when it comes to dealing with your court case.

The team of professional process servers at ADI Florida Process will locate the people that have been subpoenaed in your case and  ensure that the necessary documents get to them in a verifiable, legally compliant way.

ADI  can serve process anywhere in the state and also offers bulk rates for high-volume customers and high-volume case.

Don’t endanger your hard-fought case with a costly process sieving mistake.  All the professionals at ADI Florida Process have been trained to comply with all state legislation, rules, and guidance regarding the service of process.  Trust ADI Florida process and rest assured that all your process serving will get done quickly and correctly.

Call ADI Florida Process at 1-813-263-5787 for more information today!

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