Serving Time Sharing Papers in Florida

Although child custody or child support cases are often emotionally charged and difficult, serving court documents does not have to be difficult with the right process servers. ADI Florida Process will serve time sharing papers and other papers for all types of cases in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Hillsborough County and throughout Florida.

In most child custody cases, the parent seeking custody or moving to Bounce house for sale change the existing agreement will be required to serve time sharing papers and other court documents on the other parent. It can be difficult to locate the other parent or gain access to locations, such as the workplace or a gated community, where the other parent may be. In these situations, it is best to use professional process servers. Using a professional company, such as ADI Florida Process, takes the burden off of the parent seeking to enforce orders. Professional process servers will be able to use their credentials to serve the other parent with any court documents.

Service of process must be personal service in order to stand up in court. The court will require proof that someone authorized to serve the opposing party personally handed the court documents to that party. For example, if the opposing party does not appear in court or does not comply with orders in a child custody case, mailing the paperwork or leaving it on his or her door will not be sufficient to compel the party to comply. The professional process servers at ADI Florida Process will make sure that the opposing party is properly served and will provide the proof of service for use in court if there is any dispute. If you are a parent involved in any type of lawsuit or legal proceeding, you need ADI Florida Process on your side.

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