Serving Time Sharing Papers in Hillsborough County

Service of process is a tradition in the legal field. The U.S. Constitution requires that people be given “reasonable notice” prior to a lawsuit. To this day, giving someone service of process means physically handing that person a legal document summoning him or her to court. Registered process servers buy bouncy castle are responsible for physically handing over these legal documents to people being served.

With the right process servers, serving time sharing papers in Hillsborough County does not have to be difficult. While child custody cases can be filled with drama and emotion, the service of process on one party in a suit does not have to be. ADI Florida Process is experienced and has the ability to serve time sharing papers in Hillsborough County. In addition, ADI Florida Process has the ability to serve time sharing papers in Tampa Florida.

The professional process servers at ADI can break through boundaries to serve time sharing papers in Hillsborough County. In a child custody case, the parent wishing to revise a court order for time sharing will have to serve papers on the other parent. In Florida, many people tend to live in gated communities which can make locating another parent for service of process quite difficult. Sometimes, a parent may be inaccessible due to his or her job. Other times, a parent will simply flee the state to avoid receiving service of process.

ADI Florida Process knows what it takes to locate another party in a child custody case. Because service of process must be completed in person, ADI Florida Process also knows how to gather evidence to challenge any objections in court to the legality of the service of process. Often, a parent may try to claim he or she was not properly served with process in a case. This is one of the most common ways a person may have a case dismissed. To avoid this, ADI Florida Process gathers evidence to challenge any objection made by the other parent in a case.

To serve time sharing papers in Tampa Florida or Hillsborough County, one should call ADI Florida Process now to speak with experienced process servers to meet your needs.

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