Small Claims in Tampa

When you have an issue in Tampa that has caused you a loss of five thousand dollars or less, you will have to file a dispute in the small claims court. At ADI Florida Process, we can help this become a much easier task for you to take on.

When a claim is filed in Tampa, Florida, you will need to enlist one of the many process servers.

The reason for this is that the other party must be notified in a legal manner. Process serving will help you do that so you don’t have to wait years when it’s hard for you to find someone and serve them with the papers from the small claims court.

When using process servers, you’re dealing with people who have experience in tracking people down and serving them with the legal papers to notify them that they’re subject to a court presence regarding small claims in Tampa. Once this is done, the case regarding small claims in Tampa, Florida can continue without any hitches.

Surely you want to sleep easy at night knowing that the process servers you hired are the ones that can get the job done right the first time. When you choose ADI Florida Process, we’ll make sure that you have the assistance needed with your small claims case in Tampa since we have years of experience helping a countless amount of other people in the same situation.

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