Subpoenas for Medical Records in Miami-Dade County

If you are involved in a lawsuit involving injury, you may need to get the medical records of the other party. In many cases, you will have to get these records subpoenaed, which is a legal order from the courts requiring a party to bring forth evidence.

ADI Florida Process deals regularly in subpoenas for medical records in Miami-Dade County and throughout the state of Florida. We are ready to help you with your case through a full staff of trained and experienced process servers. Call 1-813-263-5787 to speak with us regarding your needs.

How to Subpoena Medical Records:

The law requires that all subpoenas for medical records in Miami-Dade County be delivered according to specific statutory guidelines. Generally, a judge will issue a subpoena order and the clerk will handle the paperwork. Then, the subpoena itself must be delivered to the person or organization named to produce the medical records.

At this point in time, the law states that the person delivering the paperwork must be an officer of the court or any other party without an interest in the case. The law then goes on to list various rules about process serving and how to subpoena medical records correctly. Failure to abide by some of these regulations may result in the subpoena being dismissed.

Process servers from ADI Florida Process make sure that subpoenas for Medical records in Miami-Dade County are delivered on time and correctly. Their experience in process serving is matched by the support available to you, from our office.

We are with you throughout the entire process in whatever capacity you may need. This allows our clients to focus on the important aspects of their cases without worrying whether their subpoenas for medical records in Miami-Dade County were delivered properly and on time.

Call 1-813-263-5787 now to discuss your needs!

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