What is Process Serving?

Process serving is the serving of legal documents on a person, most prominently notices of suit. Modern service of process is, despite modern times, deliberately archaic in that all legal documents must be served upon a person in printed, physical form, by registered process servers. While some people may scoff at such practices for being so old fashioned, by serving documents in person, they ensure that the person receives those documents and will not miss their day in court.

Process servers generally get their start by taking courses to become a paralegal, so that they are familiar with all the relevant jobs and can do their job properly. They then offer their services to lawyers and courts. The best process servers are those who are familiar with the community and good at finding people, since often defendants will want to avoid service of process, hoping that by doing so they can avoid suit. Therefore, people in Florida who have lots of community contacts or who speak multiple languages may be ideally suited for serving process.

Process serving is an exciting and often lucrative job, although hours and work may be long. Some people liken it to being a private detective, since the job often involves hunting down a person and ensuring they are properly served. Primarily, however, those who do best in this field are those who are calm, professional and reliable. Process servers may be called upon to show up in lawyer’s offices at all times of the day and night, so that potential defendants or suing parties will have their paperwork when and where they want it. The job also involves routine court appearances, since many defendants will claim they did not get proper service of process, and a process server must show that they did everything by the book.

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